What to do when your home or business floods

Flooding is unpredictable, but our team is just a call away to help you manage the situation. Here’s a quick list of actions you can take to minimize additional damage and ensure your safety.

In the event of flooding at your home or business, consider the following tips:

  1. Stop the Flow:

    • If possible, turn off the water at its source for the quickest resolution.
    • If necessary, shut off water to the entire building to control the situation.
  2. Power Down:

    • Electricity and water damage are a dangerous mix. Turn off the electricity to prevent further hazards.
  3. Swift Response:

    • Contact us immediately at 801-930-9750. Our dedicated team is ready to assist day or night.

In times of flooding, taking these proactive steps can significantly mitigate damage. If professional help is needed, reach out to us to help!


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